black woman business ownerWelcome to the website of Genesis Preferred Solutions.  We are a premier, niche small business consulting and coaching firm, specializing in creating a solid foundation for your new enterprise.  What’s our secret, you may ask?  Well, we start by listening.  Listening to the very vision that you have for your enterprise and creating a solid foundation that will catapult you towards success.

Your foundation is your structure.  Whether we are creating your legal entity; i.e., corporation, for profit/ non-profit organizations, 501c3 or creating your kingdom empire with subsidiaries, you will be secure in understanding the process and astounded with our success and excellent customer satisfaction .  Whether your plan on taking over your community or taking the world by storm, we’re here to turn your vision into a reality.

What sets us apart from our competition?  We have none!  We pride ourselves on researching opportunities that will grow and grow your business.  We will provide insights within your industry standards and look for opportunities that will grow your business with.

Are you a minority or woman owned business?  Are you CERTIFIED?  Yes!  There is a certification process.  Millions of small business alike miss out on multi-million dollar opportunities that are so readily available under this program.  Let us show you how-that by becoming a CERTIFIED Minority or Woman owned business, you are surely on your way with endless opportunities.  Once certified, allow us to develop strategic plan that will allow corporate, government and public sector companies seek your area of expertise for business, opportunity and growth.


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