2018 Equanimity’s award Woman of Global Impact -2016 NAACP AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN OF INFLUENCE



The Founder of Run Women’s Conference Global, Dr. Cassandra Bradford, have built a successful company of her own, Genesis Preferred Solutions which represents small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses across the country whose successes are in the millions of dollar range thanks to long-term government contracts. Her niche company prides itself of business development and intensive direct strategies for growth and sustainability.

As a champion for women’s issues involving domestic violence, survivor-ship, and transition, Dr. Cass knows no limits or boundaries. Her relentless pursuits for change, governmental laws, and resources for survivors have been heard from the mountaintops to the valleys of local communities. Her organization, Run Women Cares is the “gift-er” for such organizations in need to flourish and be able to provide shelter, education, training and professional development for women and children.

She lives what she teaches. As a national speaker and author, Dr. Cassandra Bradford shares her 

professional knowledge and enthusiasm that small businesses really can grow successfully outside of the four walls of their community. Creating “Relational Currency” TM, she calls it. “If your network is your net worth, then how valuable is it?” As definitive and on-purpose as she really is, Dr. Cassandra enjoys creating a collaborative environment wherein we all can have a little slice of the “cake” by teaming together and creating a synergistic “team” successes.

Her accolades are as long as “the road home”. From being named Minority Business of the Year in 2014, to her NAACP award in 2016 as African American Female Influencer, to her 2018 Equanimity’s award for Woman of Global Impact, Dr. Cassandra Bradford is an “excitement of fresh air”.

Cassandra Bradford is the President and Founder of Genesis Preferred Solutions, a niche premier small business consulting firm in the United States specializing in business structuring (whether for profit or non profit), business and marketing planning, as well as the certification processing for Minority and Women owned businesses. Along with her staff and vast resources, Cassandra enjoys the details of paperwork. Making sure that applications for this playing field are accurate and level. With more than 15 years of experience, Cassandra's emphases are maintained with the maximization of those certifications which, ultimately lead to contracts and vast business expansion opportunities.

Being a certified M/WBE (Minority/Woman Business Enterprise) herself, Cassandra's business boomed in the first quarter of inception to $500,000 with more than 10 Fortune 500 companies. In 2010, she combined her efforts with teaming partnerships and participated in a $4 million contract with the state of Texas. A highly sought after speaker, Cassandra continues to empower small, minority and women owned businesses through consultations, workshops and training symposiums throughout the nation.

Cassandra's extensive knowledge and expertise of business structure, development, certification processes, and leadership have secured her client base with such corporations such as Automobile Club Association (AAA), Carl Warren and Company, Allstate Insurance and numerous other organizations.

Because of her passion and advocacy for small business everywhere, Cassandra founded the North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce, one of the fastest growing chambers covering 362 cities as well as the founder and coordinator of the Run Women's Conference, a platform to develop, grow and spark the entrepreneurial spirit in women.

Already as busy as ever! Cassandra found the time to author and pen two exciting books: God's Little Book of Business, The Power of Cake, Shut Up and Color, Under the Influence of a Vision, and Business basics 101. Cassandra is the only person you'll ever meet who is ready to celebrate! It doesn't matter the reason. Cake causes world piece, once slice at a time is her catch, signature phrase. Wherever and whenever cake is mentioned, you'll see a smile as bright as the sun, illuminating across her face.